Unusual presentation of malignant phyllodes tumor in a young female: (Case report and review of literatures) malignant phyliodes tumor in adolesent.

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Hind Al-hashemi
Saad Abdulbaqi Alomar
sawsan Al-Haroon


, phyllodes tumor, , Adolesence, malignant tumor, brest tumors



Phyllodes tumor (PT) of the breast is rare in adolescent females, particularly malignant ones. It usually occurs in middle aged and older women. Malignant phyllodes (MP) do have a recurrence and a metastatic potential, unlike benign or borderline PT. We present the case of a 16-years old female presenting with a 6- month history of a progressive enlarged left breast mass. Tumor was excised as a mass of 7 cm in maximum diameter and sent for histopathological examination. The Histopathology revealed features of malignant phyllodes tumor that were confirmed by immunohistochemistry.

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