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Clinical Course and Outcome of Eleven Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients with COVID-19 in Iraq

Hayder Aledan , Safa G. Mezban, Mohammed Fawzi Albadran, Jawad Ibraheem Rasheed, Muhammed Al Atbee , Hassanein Alkhammas
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A Study on Diabetic Foot Disorders in Basrah, Southern Iraq

Majid Alabbood , Abdulhussein Marzoq
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Comparison of Rectus Muscle Resection and Rectus Muscle Plication for Ocular Horizontal Strabismus

Mohammed Abdulelah Al Ashoor
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Assessment of Serum Urea, Creatinine and Uric acid in Sudanese Hypertensive Patients

Ashwag A. AbdAllah, Shereen Faisal Abdelrahman, Suhair A. Ahmed, Abdelmula M. Abdalla, Abuagla M. Dafalla, GadAllah Modawe
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Barriers to Accessing Antenatal Care Services in Primary Health Care Centers in Rural Areas of Basrah

Jhood Abdul Samad Molan
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The Efficacy of Monomeric Acrylic in Cranioplasty Surgery Five-Year Follow-up

Ghassan M. Abd Al Ratha , Yasir M H Hamandi
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Comparison of the Outcome of Combined Ultrasonic and Fluoroscopic Versus Fluoroscopic Guidance Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Majed Asghar Mohammed , Firas Shakir Attar, Hakeem Hamdi Mohammed
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Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Regarding Mammography Among Women in Baghdad City, Iraq

Taqi Mohammed Jwad Taher , Thamer Al Hilfi, Hasanain Faisal Ghazi
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Burden of Care Among Caregivers of Patients with Schizophrenia in Baghdad City

Jamal Abdulzahra Muzil, Numan S. Ali, Aqeel I. Alsabbagh, Zainab A. Kammad
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A Case Report of Complete Uterine Torsion in a Non-Pregnant Woman

Najlaa A. Mansoor, Maysara M. Albadran
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