The novel use of convalescent plasma in patients with Covid-19 in Basra governorate: Case series review The novel use of convalescent plasma in patients with Covid-19 in Basra governorate: Case series review

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Saad Shaheen Hammadi
Ali Raheem Hashim
Rafid A. Abbood
Abbas Khalaf Ali
Ali Salam Abdullah
Hassanein Mohammed Ali
Ali Radhi Kadhim
Amjed Maya Rodeen
Hiba Jabar Ashoor
Shawqi Abdulsada Aziz
Basim Abdulkareem Abdulhassan
Mustafa Mawih


convalescent plasma, COVID-19, SARS CoV-2, apheresis, plasma exchange, plasma donation


Background: The idea of convalescent plasma usage is to give passive immunity to the patients, so their immune system has a good chance of combating the virus. This study will review 6 cases of eligible Covid-19 patients that had been treated with convalescent plasma therapy in Basra Covid-19 quarantine.


Objectives: to demonstrate efficacy and safety of convalescent plasma  in the patient series that had been  enrolled.


Method:  this study has pioneered a new method to collect up to 3,000 mL of convalescent plasma in one session by an off-label use of Spectra Optia Apheresis systems/TerumoBCT /Exchange set. In this study  250 mL of the collected convalescent plasma had been given to  each of the 6 patients, from one donor. Response in SpO2, dyspnea, and tachypnoea was observed.

Any reaction to plasma also has been monitored .


Result: Our case series have demonstrated both safety and effectiveness of convalescent plasma. This study  was successful in reaching our primary and secondary outcomes in all 6 patients (improvement in SpO2 and symptoms). With negligible difference in time of post transfusion response.


Conclusion: convalescent plasma is apperantly safe and effective. In this study 250 mL of convalescent plasma has been given to each of the 6 patients, from one donor, using Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) protocol by Spectra Optia Apheresis system/TerumoBCT. 



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