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Hydatidiform Mole; Histological Types and Age Distribution in Basrah

Wafa abdulkareem Ali, Rasha Sabah Manuel , Jasim M Al-Diab
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Page 164-168

Can Duodenal Biopsy Be Omitted in Patient With Positive Serum tTGA Antibody in The Diagnosis of Celiac Disease?

Jasim M. Al Diab, Rasha S. Manual, Hameed Aljabery, Hayder Jarullah
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Page 169-174

Family Physicians and Osteoporosis in Babylon Governorate

Esraa Mohammed Yasien, Qais Ismaeel kadhem
Abstract 391 | Full text PDF Downloads 165

Page 195-203

Correlation between Body Mass Index and Serum Calcium levels in Adults Sudanese People, Gezira State

Nesreen Mohammed Eisa Alrayah, Ahmed Mohamed Mak, Osman Khalafalla Saeed, GadAllah Modawe
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Page 204-210

Superomedial Pedicle Septum based Reduction Mammoplasty for Breast Hypertrophy

Hiba Mohammed Saeed Alkharasani, Jabir Raheem Hameed
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Page 211-226

Smell Disorders and COVID 19 Pandemic: A Cross Sectional Study

Ahmed F. Alasfoor, Amjed Hayder Ali, Wael Jasim Hasan
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Page 241-250

Evaluation of Liver Enzymes Activities among Type 2 Diabetic Patients, Attending Alribat University Hospital, Khartoum State

Ayat Ali Eltayeb, Shereen Faisal, AbdElkarim A. Abdorabo, Suhair A.Ahmed, Rimaz Gurashi, GadAllah Modawe
Abstract 365 | Full text PDF Downloads 167

Page 251 -259