Post-war environmental pollution as a risk factor of congenital disorders in Iraq: A study review

Muna Z. Al-Hamdany
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Page 1-12

Metabolic changes after bariatric surgical procedures

Mohammed Dheyaa Ahmed, Saad Shaheen Hummady, Falih Mohsen ALgazgooz
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Page 13-30

Unmet Health Care Needs among Cancer Patients in Baghdad, National Centre for Cancer Diseases in 2018.

Mustafa Majid , Sara Shihab Ahmad , Ali Abdulmortafea , Manwar Al-Naqqash
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Page 31-40

A prospective case study: Comparing two surgical techniques: The closing and reverse wedge osteotomy for treating clinodactyly

Arwa Kasim Almajidy, Sabah Hassan Naji, Rand K. Almajidy
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Page 41-50

Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Civilian Volunteers and Military Soldiers in War against ISIS from Basra City

Zainab Ali Hassan Kammad, Aqeel Ibrahim Alsabbagh
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How Modest Sonographic Training Changed Outcomes of Critical Cases

Mazin A. Al-Hamdany
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