Article submission

The journal is adopting An Author friendly policy to facilitate manuscript submission, Author’s can use Email (preferable) or WhatsApp or other social media to improve communication of Authors and reviewers with the journal office.

To submit your work use the journal office Email

WhatsApp on the NO. 009647801336393 or 009647721669983 is not for submissions or official communication.

The Papers required are

1- The covering letter should include the corresponding author and all the contributing authors with their scientific degrees, places of work, and contact information. All authors need to sign the acceptance of the right of publication by the IqNJM. To download the Covering letter click here.

2-The title page should include the title of the article with the name of all authors, their affiliations, and contact information, in addition to a running title.

3- Abstract page including a structured abstract including background, objectives, methods, results, conclusions, and Keywords


Structure of the Manuscript

  1. Introduction and aim of the study

  2. Materials and Methods

  3. Results

  4. Discussion

  5. Conclusions

  6. Acknowledgments

  7. Conflict of interest

  8. Authors contribution