please read the Reviwer Guidelines cairfully

Reviewers Guidelines

Dear Reviewer,

this journal is a Double-blind peer-reviewed work, so please don’t discuss this work with anyone, don’t share it, don’t try to find the Author.

if you know the Author or you have come across this work in any form please inform the editorial managers.

please use the WORD program in the review process, paperwork is not allowed anymore.

first review 

please read the Manuscript carefully and write your notes in a separate word document not on the manuscript Document

Don’t do grammar or punctuation changes on the manuscript Document only refer to the prominent one, as the whole document will go to proofreading.

put your scores and comments in the attached excel sheet that will show us your Decision about the work.

revised work (after correction up to your comments)

you will find a word document containing an answer to each of your comments

and another Document that having the revised manuscript with changes showing in red color up to your comments.

After you have completed your reviewing and you places the changes needed and the comments on the text

please FILL THE EVALUATION EXCEL SHEET as shown in the Example

1- notes please fill your name and the date and the Article title

2- then change the fill of  each chosen cell to red color to show the score

3- finally write your comment under each score provided